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Asus P2540UA-XO0193-OSS

If you want a robust laptop for home or professional use than I recommend you the Asus P2540UA-XO0193-OSS. I personally own a P series laptop from Asus and must say that’s very reliable. Such laptops are build to last and have special components like shock resistant hard drives, robust cases and good batteries.
Normally laptops come with Windows 10 Home, but because this model is a business one it comes with the Pro version.

Asus P2540UA-XO0193-OSS

The P2540US AsusPro laptop has a good price, and fot his money we get a device that looks good and has the best available components on the market. Other variations of this laptop can be found here.


Asus P2540UA-XO0193-OSS comes with an i7 processor model i7-7500U from the 7th generations. It’s a 2 core processor with low voltage making the battery last more. This component has the graphics chip integrated – an Intel HD.
On the memory part it has a big 512GB SSD and 4GB of RAM DDR4.
The screen size is 15.6 inch and resolution is 1366×768 pixel (HD Ready). Viewing angles are decent considering that the laptop has an TN panel.
On the portability side it has 2.4kg and a battery that lasts up to 4-5 (or even more) hours.
Something unique is the presence of the DVD drive. At home you don’t need such a thing but in a business programs are installed from optical drives.
It has high speed Internet because of wireless ac and good LAN card. Most businesses use the wireless because it’s hard to provide cables for tens or hundreds of PCs.


Panel is not IPS, but it’s not needed considering that the laptop is a business one.


If you need good PCs for you small or large business than such a laptop would be excellent for you. More on how it looks like can be seen from the preview below. Sorry for the low quality clip… it’s filmed at 480p.

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