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Asus L402WA-EH21, small laptop with efficient AMD E2-6110

If you are interested in a laptop with a generous battery life, Asus L402WA-EH21 is the perfect choice. It has a decent CPU because of the 4 cores and the rest of the specs are important too. We are talking about the AMD E2-6110 that has a low power consumption and performance is similar to that of a Pentium CPU. It costs little money and you get decent features: 4GB RAM memory, 1 year free Office 365, Windows 10 S (designed for students), USB type C, USB 3.1 and weights only 1.6 kg. Design is really thin and you can see from the side that you get fewer ports, no DVD drive and no numeric keyboard.

Asus L402WA-EH21, small laptop with efficient AMD E2-6110


This laptop is equipped with a 14-inch screen with a decent panel and a 1366×768 pixel resolution. Storage is decent because you get enough space for storing your favorite media files and applications. We are talking about an eMMC memory that is faster than a hard drive but you don’t get same storage.

Even if it doesn’t have DDR4 RAM memory, DDR3 has lower power consumption and you’ll get more hours of usage. It features a large touchpad with built-in buttons and I recommend a mouse for more productivity. This isn’t a new series but it can be a perfect desktop replacement because of its dimensions, weight and efficiency. If you’re not interested in Windows 10 S, you can upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro for free. Also, you can buy a sleeve and a wireless mouse if you don’t use it often at home. You can work on it everywhere and a 4G USB modem can be used for internet connectivity.


The screen doesn’t have an IPS panel and a high resolution for much better details.


For those interested in a good looking laptop that performs decent office and multimedia tasks, Asus L402WA-EH21 can be a good model. If you want better performance, I would choose a laptop with Intel Core i3 and SSD storage drive. In this case you need a higher budget and you shouldn’t consider a different brand.

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