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Asus GL703VM-EE059T

If you want a ROG Strix SCAR FPS Edition laptop than I would recommend you the Asus GL703VM-EE059T. From start I must say that I give it 5/5 stars because it’s perfect and below are the main benefits.
Such laptops aren’t designed only for gaming but also for demanding tasks.

Asus GL703VM-EE059T


The CPU powering this model is a quad core i7 Kaby Lake (i7-7700HQ) and because of that we have the best 7th generation processor.
On the screen part it comes with an 17.3 inches display that has 1080p resolution and a panel that has 120Hz. Because of that we can play games at the best resolution and with no lag.
Graphics are also good because it has an GTX 1060 6GB graphics card that runs only in games and when surfing the laptop uses the integrated Intel HD one.
For memory it has 16GB of DDR4 RAM and the storage is also good. We’re talking of 256GB on an SSD and 1TB on a SSHD drive. Because of those you’ll get the best performance in any task.
It does come with OS – Windows 10 Home. Because of that it can be used from the first time for gamign or other stuff.
Another good thing is the RGB keyboard. At night it will be very good for your eyes because you don’t need to search for keys.


The portability is not that great with a weight of about 2.9kg and a battery that lasts up to 4 hours. We can’t expect more from a desktop replacement/gaming laptop. (Some shops mention a 12 hours average battery life but it’s max 3-4 hours… how I mentioned above). If you want something lighter than you can go with the GL503VM model because it has about 2.3kg.


This Asus GL703VM-EE059T laptop has a performance that is exceptional in any game. The graphics card much better than a GTX 1050, not because of the additional 2GB but because of the more cores and other better specs.

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