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Asus GL702ZC-GC104T, RoG Strix laptop with Ryzen 7 1700

Asus GL702ZC-GC104T is a combination between a laptop and a desktop because the processor is a desktop one. Yes, you’ve read correctly, the Ryzen 7 1700 processor powering this 17.3 inch Rog Strix notebook is a desktop one and the socket is AM4.
The CPU (processor) is a octa core one with 13751 points in benchmark and the graphics card is Radeon RX 580. As you can see, AMD put the best it has in this deice.

Asus GL702ZC-GC104T, RoG Strix laptop with Ryzen 7 1700


The processor powering this laptop is a Ryzen 7 1700 with 8 cores meaning that it has more cores that any other Intel processor.
This GL702ZC-GC104T laptop would be not a gaming one if it didn’t had a good graphics card like the Radeon RX 580 with 4GB of video RAM.
So that everything is balanced this laptop has 16GB of RAM… and in my opinion you don’t need more.
If I talked about the RAM I should also say that it has very good storage on SSD and HDD. The first having a capacity of 256GB and the second a capacity of 1TB.
The device has a 17.3 inch screen which is bigger with 5 cm than one with 15.6. About it you must know that it has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel and that the panel is an IPS one. So that images show fast on the screen this model has FreeSync Display.


Portability is not great, note even decent with a weight of 3.2 kg and a battery that might last 3 hours in the most optimistic scenario. As said, the processor is one from desktop an it consumes a little more than notebook ones.


If you’re interested in a desktop replacement than this Asus GL702ZC-GC104T would be my recommendation because it has all the power you need in games and demanding tasks.
You don’t need to install an OS because it already has Windows 10 pre-installed. In this case you can use tha laptop from the first moment it arrives at your home.

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