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Asus GL702VS-GC033T, Full HD Gaming Laptop with great video card

Asus GL702VS-GC033T is one of the best mobile solutions for gaming on the market and it can replace a desktop PC because it runs Windows 10. Of course, you can connect a mouse for more productivity and it can help in most games (if you don’t like controllers). This model uses a Core i7 processor and a great video card – the GTX 1070 8GB with G-Sync, so you can connect a compatible monitor for better refresh rate (adjust the refresh rate to frame rate).

Asus GL702VS-GC033T, Full HD Gaming Laptop with great video card


Capacity won’t be a problem due to the 1TB hard drive and with a SSD, everything will start in a few seconds (of course, if the app and OS are installed on it). A big screen offers more details, you won’t need a different screen if you decide to watch movies with friends or family. It can run most games at medium settings and some at maximum settings. In comparison with mainstream laptop, cooling is great uses a Dual Fan system that will not bother you while playing games for many yours (hot air is exhausted through the back not sideways).


It ain’t cheap as most laptops on the market, but not any laptop has such a hardware and build. Battery life is decent but few users will use the battery at home, this laptop as many other can be hold all the time into a plug (as a desktop PC). Can’t be upgraded like la PC, but on the other hand, I don’t think you need more performance at the moment for present games. Some of them aren’t well optimised, so you only need to adjust settings for a fluid gaming experience (it’s all that matters). A heavy machine like this one comes with many ports, but for travelling you need to have a bag or backpack.


Asus GL702VS-GC033T can be your next choice if you got the budget and the courage to buy it. An investment like this one is for long- term because of its video card and you can pus an additional RAM memory on it if games need more.

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