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Asus GL702VM-GC143T

Asus GL702VM-GC143T is a laptop with a 17.3 inch diagonal and is part of the Rog Strix Series meaning that it has the best components (i7 processor and GTX 1060 graphics).
Such a laptop is for those who like to play games at the best quality or need a fast laptop for various tasks.

Asus GL702VM-GC143T

It has a good price, and for it we get a device with 17.3 inch diagonal, 1080p resolution, and new components. From the below image as from the clip I’ve posted at the end you can see that the laptop looks very nice with a silver case.


The processor that powers this model is an i7-7700HQ with 4 cores and is helped in games by 16GB of RAM. The processor is one from the 7th generation an currently it is the best solution for gaming laptops.
Also, this PC has GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) graphics chip so that it can play any game.
It’s 4k capable even the screen is only FHD. You can see movies and games at their 4K quality by a connecting an external monitor or TV.
On the software side this model has Windows 10 Home and because of it you can play any game and be more productive as on a model with Linux or another OS.
Portability is decent because the battery lasts about 3-4 hours an the weight is slight above 2kg.


This ROG Strix GL702VM-GC143T is not intended to be portable and if you want something with a lower weight and a battery that lasts more than you should go with an ultrabook.
The SSD capacity is not than big. 512GB would be a good size.


For people interested in a notebook PC that can handle new games and demanding tasks I think that this Asus GL702VM-GC143T would be more than great.
About the ASUS brand you should know that it’s a premium one that makes good laptops, monitors and peripherals. Because of that it’s in the top of the list when somebody wants a new device.

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