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Asus GL702VM-GC137T, cheap model with 7th Generation i5

This model has the 7th Generation i5 named i5-7300HQ, which has 4 cores and 4 threads. Asus GL702VM-GC137T is part of a larger series (Republic of Gamers) and there are a lot of variation depending on hardware and built. Every series looks different and if this one exceeds your budget, than you can consider a smaller solution (the 15 inch laptop – GL502). I like this one because it ain’t so expensive and it can run most games at medium settings and max resolution. Most laptops come with Windows 10 and you can see it from their name (the T at the end).

Asus GL702VM-GC137T, cheap model with 7th Generation i5


A Core i7 HQ has a higher performance in any task because of its spec and the GTX 1060 is a great choice for most popular games, if you don’t need ultra settings. Most video cards have G-Sync and VR Ready, but for those technologies you need some additional peripherals (compatible monitor/headset). Two types of storage drives can help you every day because of their capacity (HDD) and high transfer speed (SSD).


It’s heavier than a 15 inch laptop, but you get a much better video experience and the cooling system is very efficient (hot air is exhausted from the back, not from the sideways like on mainstream laptops). Battery life isn’t great but most gamers used it like a PC (keep the charger plugged in all the time).


Asus GL702VM-GC137T can be a perfect desktop replacement due to its big screen, ports and specs. So it is like a long term investment which doesn’t need many upgrades. Many games need at least 16GB RAM because of the graphics or large map, so you can upgrade it now. For a better gaming experience, I recommend a GTX 1070 with Core i7 CPU. Of course, there are other RoG series which have a different built and specs (Ti video cards), but the price is almost double. Depending on you budget and needs, you can find many models and I really like the one above because its affordable.

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