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Asus GL702VI-BA016T

Asus GL702VI-BA016T is a laptop for those interested in a device that looks nice and has the best components on the market. For example, components include GTX 1080 graphics card and i7-7700HQ processor. Those are the best Nvidia and Intel can offer at this moment.
Games will run smooth on the laptop and you can also use it for demanding tasks like video editing or CAD. It’s better to do such tasks on a desktop replacement like this 17.3 inch laptop.

Asus GL702VI-BA016T

This Strix model has a good price. If you thing that it costs a little too much than please keep in mind that it is a model with a special design so that cooling is very efficient. If you’re interested in something cheaper than you can go with this one that has i7 and GTX 1060.


The display is awesome because we talk about a model with 120Hz refresh rate, 17.3 inch diagonal and 1080p resolution.
It has an quad core i7 processor model i7-7700HQ that includes UHD graphics. It’s a procesor from the 7th generation named Kaby Lake that scores 8895 points in benchmark.
For video processing this notebook has the GTX 1080 graphics card with 8GB of RAM. This card can handle everything because it’s Nvidia’s flagship.
RAM is more than enough because we’re talking about a capacity of 16GB type DDR4.


The screen resolution is not 4K, event the PC is 4K capable. If you want to see games or movies at 4K than you can connect an external monitor/TV to the laptop.
It comes with an SSD but the capacity is only 256GB for this configurations. I would liked to see a bigger capacity.


This notebook PC is an excellent desktop replacement for people interested in playing games at the best quality possible or doing demanding tasks.
From the below clip you can see better how this laptop looks like an what you can do with it.

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