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Asus GL502VS-FY385T

Asus GL502VS-FY385T is a Rog Strix gaming laptop for those interested in a solution with new processor, graphics chip and good FPS in any games.
Such laptops are not only for gaming, they are also for demanding tasks or for people interested in a special looking laptop.

Asus GL502VS-FY385T

It has a good price and for the money we get a device with FHD resolution, i7 HQ processor, GTX 1070 graphic and Windows 10.


The screen of this laptop is a 15.6 inch one that has very god viewing angles and colors. The resolution is 1920×1080 pixel, but the components can run UHD (4K) movies with no problem.
On the graphics card part the discrete graphics is GTX 1070 8GB from Nvidia and this means that we can play any game and that we have G-Sync. This is the second best graphics card from Nvidia. GTX 1080 is the best but laptops with it (like ROG Zephyrus) cost more than 2000 pounds and are for those who don’t have a budget and want the best.
This ROG Strix GL502VS-FY385T laptop comes with an i7-7700HQ processor that has 4 cores and enough power to run everything fluent.
For memory it has 16GB of DDR4 RAM memory. I don’t think that you need more.
Also for storage it has an SSD and a big HDD drive. The OS is installed on the SSD and the hard drive is for movies, game library.


The SSD could have been bigger and the screen could have been one with 120Hz. A bigger Solid State means more speed and 120Hz is for better response time.
Portability is not that great but considering that it’s a gaming laptop I thik that’s enough. Battery life is up to 3 hours and weight is about 2.5 kg.


Asus GL502VS-FY385T is a laptop that can make a good desktop replacement or a gaming laptop… depends on what you’re looking for.
Below is a preview clip for those interested in how it looks like, and if Linus says that the laptop is good than I think it’s good.

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