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Asus FX504GM-EN366T, great price for a TUF gaming laptop

Asus offers a new series of gaming laptops for lower budget users, it’s called The Ultimate Force. Asus FX504GM-EN366T is one of these laptops and unlike many other, this one has a really good screen – 120 Hz refresh rate and 3 ms response time. Gaming laptops have become more and more popular in recent years as the price of PC components has risen, but I think the market will stabilize this year. We see a different construction without the ROG logo, obviously, and there are similar components on the inside. This is the kind of laptop that no longer requires hardware improvements because it has enough RAM and even an SSD.

Asus FX504GM-EN366T, great price for a TUF gaming laptop

The new Core i7-8750H is a Hexa Core CPU designed for heavy tasks only. Most processors have an integrated video card that is only used when not playing video or games, so the battery life will be great. Switching to the GeForce GTX 1060 video card is done automatically or manually in case you keep the laptop plugged in at all the time.


Nothing to complain, as I mentioned above. You get more performance with a ROG laptop, but for a different price.

Why should you consider buying it?

It has a very nice illuminated keyboard, decent components, the video card can run all games at small/medium details (depending on title), the display offers a clear gaming experience, a gaming rucksack and Windows 10 are included. Most ports are situated on the left side so you can use a gaming mouse and cables won’t disturb you. Some gaming laptop have some ports (video outputs) on the back between the vents and I think that this is a good idea because you won’t see the cables.

The weight of a laptop should not disturb you because it has to be solid and inside temperatures must be as low as possible in full load. You can consider a cooling stand for better air flow under the case. Windows 10 will start really fast on a SSD and the HDD can store all your games and media files.

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