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Asus FX504GE-DM176T, portable gaming machine

At the beginning of april Asus launched the Asus FX504GE-DM176T laptop. This is a gaming one with i7 six core and GTX Ti graphics. Has a good portability and the components are new ones as you might have guessed.
ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 is the first laptop from the TUF series than means The Ultimate Force. It has many features an I will try to elaborate them in the rows that follow.

Asus FX504GE-DM176T, portable gaming machine


It has a portable performance with the new i7-8750H processor from the 8th generation. As mentioned in the intro this processor is one with six cores.
The display not only is a high resolution one but it has 120Hz so that the images are displayed as fast as possible.
Many laptops (not only gaming ones) have problems with the cooling and the dust. With this new generation we have the Anti-Dust Cooling.
If you want the best sound than you must know that this model has it… with a dts 7.1 Channel Audio.
Keyboard is very durable… the manufacturer specifies 2M clicks durability.
Storage is fast and big with the FireCuda Compute Hybrid HDD.
There will be no slowdowns because of the Internet with the Wave 2 Wi-Fi.
It looks very good and it has the reddot award 2018. 😉
The graphics card is GTX 1080 Ti, this one beign 2x faster than GTX 750 Ti and 25% faster than GTX 1050 (without Ti) in games like Overwatch, gears of War 4 and GTA 5.


The graphics card (the Nvidia one) could have been a higher model (1080 or something like it) but I think that they wanted to maintain the price below 1000 pound.


Asus FX504GE-DM176T is not a Rog laptop or a Zephyrus one, but it’s the little brother with new components and an improved design.
Such a laptop is for people with a limited budget that want a gaming laptop or a laptop that can handle demanding tasks.
Anyway, I recommend it and I like the direction we’re heading with the laptops – they get better and better every year.

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