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Asus FX504GD-DM040T, 15.6-inch laptop with i5-8300H

Asus FX504GD-DM040T is the laptop for games enthusiasts that don’t want to spend a lot of money on a laptop. It’s powered by the new i5-8300H processor and has GTX 1050 2GB graphics.
It’s considered a TUF (The Ultimate Force) laptop that is perfect for Shooters and RTS games. It’s a new series that comes to replace the FX503 one.

Asus FX504GD-DM040T, 15.6-inch laptop with i5-8300H


The CPU powering this laptop is the i5 quad core model i5-8300H that comes to replace the i5-7300HQ.
Considering that it is a gaming laptop it has a good portability with a weight of 2kg and a battery that lasts up to 4-5 hours. On some shops it’s specified that it lasts more (10 hours) but that is the ideal battery life.
It can be used for games because of the i5 processor and the good cooling.
On the memory side everything is ok with 8GB of RAM, 2GB of video memory and good internal storage.
For every game to run at maximum compatibility it has Windows 10 Home. So, we get with it an Operating System that is not only new but handles good any game.


The backlit is single color. If you want something with a better keyboard than you should go with a laptop from the Strix series.
It comes with GTX 1050 graphics that has only 2GB of RAM. I would have liked to see more RAM.
Display is decent with a refresh rate of 60Hz and good viewing angles (170 degrees). Other models (that are more expensive have 120Hz and IPS panels).


A laptop such as the Asus FX504GD-DM040T is suitable as a desktop replacement too because of the good components and the screen that has 1080p resolution. You can use it for games, CAD tasks, video editing or tasks that need performance.
There are laptops with i3 or Pentium, but I recommend that you buy laptops with i7 or at least i5 because the processor is the most important component in a modern device.

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