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Asus FX503VM-EN184T, gaming laptop with i5

The laptop Asus FX503VM-EN184T is a new model from the year 2018, being powered by an quad core i5 processor, GTX 1060 and a fast SSD. Because of the components it’s useful for games and demanding tasks.
At games it’s best because of the screen with 120Hz, the fast processor and the single backlit keyboard.

Asus FX503VM-EN184T, gaming laptop with i5


It is slight cheaper than laptops from the TUF series because the CPU is from the 7th generation and so we get cheaper and more stable hardware.
The pre-installed OS is Windows 10, meaning that this way we get a device that is ready for use from the first time we get it out of the box.
Memory is more than enough with a capacity of 8GB of RAM and a big SSD of 256GB. If you need more storage than you can use cloud storage or external one.
Portability is good with a weight of 2.2 kg and a battery that lasts up to 3-4 hours. This weight is very low compared to other gaming laptops produced by Asus (Strix, Zephyrus etc)
This laptop comes with a good display that has a 15.6 inch diagonal with FHD resolution and many Hz – 120Hz.


On the processing part (I refer to the processor) it would have been better if it has i7, but considering the low price it’s good like this.
Could have more storage. At the moment it has only 256GB on the SSD.
Does not have a optical drive like all other modern laptops. So, programs and games can be downloaded or installed from USB drives.


Asus FX503VM-EN184T comes from the very popular FX503 series and it’s for those interested in a device that looks good and has good hardware.
All the components are maxed out so that you don’t need to upgrade them for more performance. Maybe the hard drive could have a bigger capacity.

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