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Asus FX503VD-DM080T

If you like games but don’t want to invest too much in a laptop than I recommend Asus FX503VD-DM080T. It’s a gaming laptop alternative to the RoG series. Comes with new hardware and the image quality of the display is very good… even it’s not an IPS panel.
It has all the things that make a gaming laptop including quad core CPU, GTX graphics, plenty of RAM and FHD display.

Asus FX503VD-DM080T

This FX503 laptop has a good price. For this money we get a device that can handle all the demanding modern games at a high resolution.
Below I posted a image to se how it looks like. I don’t know if you can see but the WASD keys stand out more so that you can see them better in the dark. Don’t get me wrong all the keys are illuminated.


The FX503VD-DM080T laptop has i5 Kaby Lake procesor with 4 cores named i5-7300HQ. This CPU is one of the best on the market.
After the CPU the most important component is the graphics card and at this model we talk about the GTX 1050 with 2GB of RAM.
About the memory we must say that it has 8 GB of RAM and if you need more than ou can add, but the most important upgrade would be an SSD (with a capacity as big as possible). The laptop has an HDD drive with a big capcity of 1TB but a Solid State Drive with 500GB would be better.
Weight is about 2.2kg and the manufacturer provides 12 hours of battery life. In my opinion, the battery won’t last more than 3-4 hours.


The screen does not have an IPS panel. The viewing angles are good, but culd be better. I saw that on some forums people talk about upgrading the display, but I don’t know if that would be so easy.


This Asus FX503VD-DM080T is a gaming notebook for those interested in something with good biult quality and performance.
From the below preview you can see how this laptop looks like and what it can deliver.

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