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Asus FX503VD-DM002T

Asus FX503VD-DM002T is a gaming laptop for those interested in a budget alternative tot the G/RoG series. In my opinion from the distance we can say that this model is as good as the Republic of Gamers ones because the laptop has almost the same components.
Such a laptop is dedicated for those interested in a device that could be a great desktop replacement or for a person who likes to play demanding games.

Asus FX503VD-DM002T

It has a good price. For this money we get a device that has the most important features we need for playing games and running demanding tasks.

Good things

This device has a very good processor – the i7-7700HQ with 4 cores. This is the most powerful processor from the Kaby Lake series.
Having a GTX 1050 graphics card and 8GB of RAM all games will run fluent. Besides the processor, RAM memory and graphics card are very important and make the difference between a gaming laptop and a multimedia one.
On the storage part it comes with M.2 so that your tasks are accelerated and if you want to store games and movies than you also have an HDD with a capacity of 1000GB.
Useful ports and conections include wireless ac, bluetooth 4.1, Ethernet and other.
A laptop such as this one has a great portability the weight being 2.2kg and the battery lasting about 4-5 hours (take or give)… depending on waht you do with it.

Not so good things

The screen has 15.6 inch screen and 1080p resolution, but the panel is not IPS.
It has no optical drive, but the Operating System is preinstalled so that you don’t need an ODD. If you want to install another Windows than you can do it with an USB stick or something like it.


Fro those on a tight budget but that want a quality device for various tasks I recommend this Asus FX503VD-DM002T.
Below you can see a preview of this laptop and make a better impression on how it looks like and what you can do with it.

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