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Asus FX502VD-DM039T

Asus FX502VD-DM039T is a gaming laptop released at the beginning of 2018 and it features an i7 HQ processor, GTX graphics and DDR4 memory. Because of the provided performance this laptop is good not only for gaming but as a desktop replacement too.

Asus FX502VD-DM039T

This FX502 series laptop has a good price. For this money we get a laptop that it’s a very good alternative to the RoG series and looks similar.


Has the newest gaming processor from Intel – i7-7700HQ – that has 4 cores. There are some 8th generation i7 models but are not used in normal gaming laptops.
The screen of this laptop is a 15.6 inch one with 1080p resolution (Full HD) and TN pane (from BOE). Another good thing about this panel is that it is not reflective… it’s matte (anti-glare).
For storage it uses an SSD and a HDD. The first is for the Operating System so that you have great boot times.
Because I talked about OS you should know that it has Windows 10 Home.
The memory size is 16GB of type DDR4 and in my opinion you don’t need more.
The device comes with one of the best graphics cards available on the market – the GTX 1050 4GB and because of that any games will run more than decent.
A thing I should not forget to mention is that the keyboard is illuminated. So we can see the keys when the light is not so good.


Portability is decent with a weight of 2.2kg and a battery that lasts about 3-4 hours. The weight is a normal one for a laptop in the year 2018.
Has no optical drive… so if you want to install another OS than you need to use an USB stick or something like it.


If you are interested in a device that not only looks great but has the best processing power in various tasks than this Asus FX502VD-DM039T. Below us a preview of this device and you can see the similarities between RoG and this.

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