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Asus Flip 2-in-1 C100PA-DS03

The Asus Flip 2-in-1 C100PA-DS03 is a good laptop/tablet for those interested in a portable device with good productivity. Don’t get me wrong, tablets are good but the lack of keyboard keeps some people away. So, this gadget is for those who want the portability of a tablet and the productivity of a mini laptop.

Asus Flip 2-in-1 C100PA-DS03

This model has a good price. For this money we get a device with good battery life (the manufacturer says about 8 hours) and that is easy to use. From the below picture you can see that it looks like a netbook (do you remember the netbooks? those little laptops with Windows and 1 or 2GB of RAM from 2-3 years ago).


The screen of this ASUS C100PA-DS03 is a 10.1 inch one with HD resolution (1280×800 pixels) and IPS panel (so that you get great viewing angles and colors).
On the CPU part it has a Rockchip RK3288 with 4 cores that allow you to watch 4K movies. The SoC allows wi-fi ac and because of that you can download from the net at fast speed.
The memory is 4GB of RAM and 32GB of space. In the past small laptops like this one had only 2GB of RAM, but with 4 you can do more and have no lag when watching Youtube.
The Operating System of this device is Chrome OS, meaning that it has the OS from Google. This is a basic OS with browser, desktop and support for extensions.

Strong points

It’s easy to get in tablet mode and so you will use the screen to command the device. This is useful when playing games like Angry Birds or others that need touch input.
The weight is about 2 pounds (907 grams) and the battery life is about 8-10 hours. So you’ll have no problem taking it in a small pocket or in a bag.


For those interested in a device with a more than decent portability I recommend this ASUS Flip. It’s the best laptop for a reporter, student or someone who goes in a long trip and needs a good way to stay connected.
From the below preview you can see how it looks like.

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