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Asus E203NA-FD026TS

Asus E203NA-FD026TS is a very good alternative to Chromebooks because it has a small weight, good battery life and productivity (because of Windows 10). Such a small laptop is for those interested in a solution for browsing the web or doing tasks on the run.

Asus E203NA-FD026TS

This VivoBook E12 has a good price. For the money we get a device with a portability better than the one of any laptop. For exemple the battery lasts up to 10 hours. From the below picture you can see that the notebook looks very good, having a minimal design.


Portability at this Asus E203NA-FD026TS is the best because the weight is about 900g and battery lasts about 10 hours (almost a day of use).
Performance is good considering it has 2GB of RAM and Celeron N3350 CPU. This CPU scores 1126 points in benchmark and because of that we must say that it’s better than other Celerons.
It can be used of HD movies because of the HD screen (1366×768 pixel) and the HD 500 graphics chip from Intel.
On the software side it comes with Windows 10, Office and 500GB of cloud storage (for 2 years). The cloud storage compensates the lack of a bigger HDD.


The processor is so so. Pentium and i3 models would be better but consume much more power and have a higher price.
Storage is not so good because it’s only 32GB. But, you can connect an external HDD to it, or an USB stick. Also, as mentioned above, you get free cloud storage for 2 years.
It lacks an ODD, but if you need to install something on it than you can use an external optical drive, an USB stick or the Internet.


For those interested in a laptop with very good portability and that has a good productivity I recommend this laptop from Asus.
From the below clip you can see how it looks like and what you can do with it. But, if you’re interested in other colors than you can find some here.

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