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Asus C202SA-GJ0027, small Ruggedised Chromebook

Asus C202SA-GJ0027 is a bit different than other laptops and is seen by its case. This series offers ruggedised and water resistant design, so you can carry it anywhere. Even if it does not want to be a powerful laptop, it offers good functionality regardless of the situation. You get two USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI port in case you want to connect a TV or monitor to this portable gadget. The Chrome OS it’s different from Windows in many ways, but it offers some alternatives apps and data is saved on cloud. Of course, a laptop with classic design can offer more performance in same price and different features.

Asus C202SA-GJ0027, small Ruggedised Chromebook

It addresses those who want a portable laptop and not a tablet because a physical keyboard makes it easy to write mail or maybe want to use a mouse with it. I would recommend you a wireless mouse that can get in your pocket or in the same bag with your laptop.


Performance is quite good for this type of OS, but you won’t get much storage. Google Drive can be a solution if you want to access that specific data with another gadget (mobile phone).

Why should you consider buying it?

Asus C202SA-GJ0027 has 180 degree hinges so you can type on its keyboard even you are standing. The Intel Celeron CPU is powerful enough and doesn’t need mode than 2GB RAM. Those components have a small power consumption so you can enjoy its long battery life. You can work all day on it but you need a good internet connection and you can use the WiFi hotspot option from your mobile phone menu.

Small laptops are lightweight and great for daily task such as web browsing, sending emails, office programs and other. It has a weight of only 1.2 kg so you can be kept it under the arm as a book. The integrated video can run 720p video content and you can watch it on its screen or a big TV. There are several ways to connect a laptop to a Smart TV, but the best is through the HDMI cable.

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