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Alienware AW3418DW, QHD Ultra-Thin gaming monitor with curved design

This Alienware AW3418DW monitor is not a classic gaming model, but one with 120Hz G-Sync technology from NVIDIA. In other words, native refresh can even reach 120Hz, but only with compatible hardware. I’m mean that you need a desktop PC with NVIDIA graphics card. G-Sync technology doesn’t work with AMD video cards but you will have the same refresh rate. The only difference is that the framerate won’t sync according to the fps of a game. It has a special curved design with AlienFX Lightening (RGB lights), so it looks great from the front and from behind, too.

Alienware AW3418DW, QHD Ultra-Thin gaming monitor with curved design


A curved screen with such specs offers a great gaming experience and the diagonal is very important when you don’t sit to close to it. Unlike a flat screen, you must be in its field of view and with a large 34 inch screen you can play any game and get the best result. Online shooters are great with such a peripheral and the aspect ratio is 21:9.

All ports are positioned at the bottom of the monitor, and some of them can be accessed easily. Due to its multiple ports, you can connect the PC and a console to the same monitor, but can’t use them at the same time. Such a monitor is much better than a TV due to its refresh rate and response time (4 ms), so the the imagine with be clear under any circumstances. Don’t forget the USB 3.0 ports, in case you need tot connect USB stick or other gadgets with similar interface.


It ain’t very cheap, so you can consider smaller solution or with different technologies (FreeSync from AMD).


Alienware AW3418DW can replace even a setup of 3 monitors due to its generous diagonal and curved design. I can not reproach anything because it offers exactly what a gamer needs and a 240 Hz refresh rate, for example, is useless if the configuration can not provide such a large number of fps. It can be combined with a RoG desktop if you can’t afford something more expensive.

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