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Acer Swift 3 SF314-52-584R (NX.GQGEK.004)

The Acer Swift 3 SF314-52-584R (NX.GQGEK.004) is a laptop with a 14 inch diagonal for those interested in a device that not only looks good but has great performance (in terms of battery and processor). It comes with 8th gen i5 processor, SSD and a FHD screen so that we can say that it’s a multimedia laptop.

Acer Swift 3 SF314-52-584R (NX.GQGEK.004)

Good things

I like at it that the processor has 4 cores and low power consumption. I talk about the i5-8250U model that has the performance of desktop i5 models. being a modern chip it comes with an integrated GPU – UHD Graphics 620 from Intel.
On the memory side it comes with 8GB of RAM and as of storage it uses an 256GB SSD. It’s a good storage capacity and if you need more than you can attach an external drive or even use cloud storage.
As an Operating System this Swift 3 uses the new Windows 10 Home version so that you are up to date with security fixes and other things.
Portability is more than decent because of the 1.8kg weight an the battery that can last up to 10 hours.

Not so good things

It’s not a 2 in 1 device like the Spectre from HP, but still it has good performance and portability.
Does not come with an optical drive. So, you can install programs from an external drive or from the Internet. Another OS can be installed via an USB stick.


Acer Swift 3 SF314-52-584R is not a convertible laptop but it’s one that can handle any task you throw at it.
This notebook has a 14 inch screen with FHD resolution so you can watch movies without any quality loss. If you want to see movies on a bigger screen than you can connect an external monitor or even an HD TV.
Maybe you’re asking what’s the difference between Aspire and Swift. Aspire is a series for home use with decent components while Swift is more business oriented with polished features and components.

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