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Acer Chromebook CB3-431-C1KH (NX.GJEEK.007)

Acer Chromebook CB3-431-C1KH (NX.GJEEK.007) is a simple laptop for simple people. It has Chrome OS pre-installed and because of that it has the name Chromebook.

Acer Chromebook CB3-431-C1KH (NX.GJEEK.007)


Portability is more than great with a battery life up to 10-12 hours and a weight of about 1.55kg like this one.
This device has a screen size of 14 inches and the resolution is HD Ready (meaning 1366×768 pixels). Because of that you can watch streams with HD quality without any loss.
The OS is special optimised for web browsing and highly secure because is based on Linux.
For connectivity it has USB, wi-fi and bluetooth. Also, it has HDMI, but no LAN. So, if you want tot connect it to the net you can do it only by wi-fi.


Even the Celeron processor has two cores it has decent performance. But, it compensates with the fact that it has an Intel HD graphics card integrated Intel HD 400.
Memory is decent with 2GB RAM and an eMMC of 32GB for storage. You can use an external drive for more storage or the cloud.


The Acer Chromebook CB3-431-C1KH model NX.GJEEK.007 is for people interested in a device to browse the web at good speed.
Many thing that for Chromebooks aren’t many programs but you should know that the OS can install apps from Google Play Store like smartphones with Android.
In my opinion this device is very good for students or for users who want to browse the web or do basic stuff on their PC. If you’re not satisfied with the Chrome OS than you can go with Windows 10 but most people will stay with the preinstalled Operating System because it’s more stable.

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  • Dido

    You don’t need more for web browsing because Chrome is very light weight. You don’t even need an antivirus or firewall like on Windows machines and because of this I suggest that you tick to this OS that comes with the device.

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