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Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132-C4XY, 11.6 inch red notebook

This Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132-C4XY is a small but powerful red laptop that comes with preinstalled OS (Windows 10 Home). Even if it is a small and compact laptop it can be used like a desktop and you can transfer data using its USB 3.0 ports. For such a small budget you get a decent configuration, HD screen, HDMI connector, USB 3.0 port, WiFi ac. It is a cheap gadget that can be used only for browsing the web or watching media content. For heavier tasks you can use a different type of laptop and chose another series.

Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132-C4XY, 11.6 inch red notebook


Even if it has a 11.6-inch screen, its resolution is 1366 with 768 pixels so you can run 720p content on it or on external monitor/TV. A hard disk has a more generous capacity than a eMMC memory, but it doesn’t offer the same performance. You can store music, movies or pictures on an external drive (HDD or USB stick). There are even online storage services that can be considered, some are for free and other cost.

Depending on the laptop you chose, hardware can be partly upgraded (only some components can be changed). The model above doesn’t need upgrades because it runs great with only 2GB RAM. It is a very popular Celeron CPU with modern technologies and an integrated GPU. For a slightly better performance, I recommend a Intel Pentium CPU with 4 cores with SSD storage.


Its design is nice but it can’t be compared to that of a Swift 1 from same brand. Because of its dimensions, you won’t get high-end specs and features, of course, you should not forget the low price tag. For its dimensions, it can’t have a DVD drive or a numeric keyboard, but in my opinion those features are useless.


Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132-C4XY offer a great battery life but it depends on some factors. It looks great on any color – black, red or blue, and its hardware is the same. Such a choice is made according to several factors: small budget, light weight design, color, decent features.

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