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Acer Aspire A315-51-30SZ (NX.GNPEK.014)

Acer Aspire A315-51-30SZ NX.GNPEK.014 is a home and business oriented laptop for those interested in something cheap, stable and with good performance in office tasks. With a notebook PC like this you can browse the web, play simple games ant watch movies (HD and Full HD ones).
It’s a modern laptop because it has SSD and Windows 10 so that you are future proof with it.

Acer Aspire A315-51-30SZ (NX.GNPEK.014)

It has a good price. For the money we get a device that looks very good and has hardware that makes it very portable.

Good things

The CPU powering this model is an i3-6006U with lower power consumption that has Intel HD graphics chip 520 integrated. It’s a very good dual core processor because it cosres about 3107 points in benchmark.
The screen is one with 15,6 inch screen diagonal but it has FHD resolution. If you want to see movies at a better quality than you can connect and external monitor to the laptop because it has the ports that you need.
For faster Internet this device has wireless ac and fast LAN. Because of that you can download at Gigabit speeds… if you have such a provider for Internet.
Battery life is decent because we talk about 6 hours battery life and a weight of 2,1 kg. Battery life can depend on what tasks you do on the laptop.

Things that could be better

The processor is good but could have been an i5 or even a model with 4 cores. More cores means more performance in apps that are optimized for multi-core.
Has no discrete graphics card. Such a thing would have been good for those interested in playing demanding games.


If you want a PC for home use or for a small business than this Acer Aspire A315-51-30SZ model would be great. It does not need to be upgraded because it has plenty of RAM and a fast storage drive.
How it looks like can be better seen from the preview below.

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